Treatment of CNS diseases is not limited by drugs, but by DELIVERY

EnPC ® - a versatile and modular platform for drug delivery

NEUWAY is engineering so-called EnPC® („Engineered Protein Capsules“) consisting of a virus-free protein capsid having a natural built-in on target property for delivering highly active drug substances - ranging from small molecules to large nucleic acid strands – through the blood brain barrier to the CNS after intravenous (i.v.) injection.

The company currently uses this technology to encapsulate active drug substances that do not cross the BBB to successfully treat severe orphan brain diseases with very high medical need.

EnPC® has the great potential for a unique therapeutic standard as drug delivery platform evolving the efficiency of CNS-related drugs.

Strengths of EnPC® as Drug Delivery Technology

  • EnPCs are non-infectious and favourably possess the natural tropism of the virus having a high affinity for crossing BBB
  • Biologically and experimentally proven pathway to cross BBB
  • Cost-effective, modular platform enabling an EnPC-based drug prototype ready for in vivo testing in < 4 months
  • Universal encapsulation approach highly suitable for upscaling
  • transient expression of delivered DNA -> no insertion into the genome -> multiple i.v. injections possible (in contrast to AAV-based gene therapies)
  • Scalable business platform options for corporate drug development, licensing, partnering, manufacturing and asset transfer
  • Compatible with wide variety of cargo modalities, including RNA/DNA and antibodies